The word ‘cajones’ is very often confused with the word ‘cojones’. They both mean two totally different things, or actually four… maybe even more.

Cajones: 1.) crates, 2.) drawers, 3.) Percussion instruments (named after a crate).

Cajones is the plural for cajón in Spanish.

Cojones: Balls. This can be used to describe a part of the male anatomy and is frequently used as in English to describe courage or fearlessness.


cojones and cajones

There is a difference between cojones and cajones…


Know the difference between cajones and cojones!

Know the difference between cajones and cojones


Cajones or Cajons?

As of this writing, some major manufacturers have begun referring to cajones (plural) as cojons – we are not sure if this is an attempt to anglicize or internationalize the spelling or to avoid confusion with cojones as above.

Music store employees showing off their cajones tend to delight in using the proper word as it adds a bit of joviality to their normally boring days – they will often say something like, “come with me and I’ll show you the cajones”… you can always see that they are looking for a reaction…

Meinl is a major manufacturer of cajons and uses the word ‘cajons’ for their collection.
Meinl Cajons Collection

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