Jul 06

New Cajon Tee Shirts

We have just created some new tshirts for cajonistas. Here are a few of our favorites, you can see them all on their own dedicated tee shirt page from next week when the catalog at Zazzle is finished.

Cajon Evolution T-shirts
Cajon Evolution T-shirts by Cajonista
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Cajonista - cajon player
Cajonista - cajon player by Cajonista
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Cajon Player Tee
Cajon Player Tee by Cajonista
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Cajon Player dark tee
Cajon Player dark tee by Cajonista
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Jul 03

Cajon Demonstration Video

Here is a great, quick demonstration video of a cajon being played showing a variety of techniques. A cajon can emulate an entire row of tom-toms by the player when he simply slides his foot across the large surface as you see in this video. This changes the tone of the lower drum section of the cajon.

Jul 03

Cajon Lesson

This post shows you a basic cajon lesson for beginners. The cajon is a remarkably flexible instrument and can be learned quickly and easily by anyone with a basic concept of rhythm.

The cajon is also a highly portable percussion kit and can be carried by one person in a carrying bag – this feature is making it very popular as now percussionists can have a full percussion kit that they can bring about with them to jam sessions, acoustic (unplugged) events and even garden parties & picnics.

Jul 02

Cajon Pedal

cajon pedal
The cajon as an instrument is evolving rapidly as it finds its way into more and more musical genres. People have been modifying them from the original Afro-Peruvian/Afro-Cuban ‘crate’ type of instrument into a more versatile percussion instrument.

Some of the innovations have included the very popular snare cajon, where springs are set behind the top compartment to give a snare drum effect and even a pedal. Some players use a hi-hat cymbal setup or will attach a type of tambourine cymbal to their leg.

Cajon Pedal Videos



Jul 01

Big Cajones

Max Kelly's big cajones
Max Kelly is a designer who makes his own cajones and has a unique mechanism for sliding snare springs in or out of position to make his cajon design truly versatile.

Max performs on both cajon and conga drums.

Have a look at his website where you can see his unique designs and hear some samples of his music: Max Kelly.

It used to be that when you bought a cajon, you had to decide whether you wanted the top to contain a spring and act as a snare drum, or to be without such a snare feature.

Max has solved this problem and made this versatile percussion instrument even more versatile!

Cajon snare mechanism

This is the snare mechanism designed by Max Kelly

Great job Max… where can I buy one?

Jul 01

Meinl Cajones

meinl cajon
Meinl Percussion is a top quality German manufacturer of professional percussion instruments and is a division of Roland Meinl Musikinstrumente GmbH & Co. KG.

For some 25 years they have manufactured a wide assortment of percussion instruments, cymbals and accessories. They are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional cojons and their instruments enjoy a wide global distribution.

See the full range of Meinl Cajones here: Meinl Cajones






Jun 04

Heck Stick

The popularity of the cajon has given rise to numerous accessories for the percussionist from pedals and cymbals to a device called a “heck stick”.

Schlagwerk is the manufacturer of the ‘heck stick’ and ‘side kick’ which adds the functionality of a hi-hat type of cymbal sound as well as a foot operated castanet that can be kicked and mounts on the side of the cajon – or may be detached and stepped on while on the floor beside or in front of the cajon.

The beauty of a cajon is its portability, and these two solutions do not detract from this key feature unlike complicated pedals and hi-hat cymbal sets that suddenly begin turning the ‘percussion in a box’ solution the cajon provides into making the cajon a replacement for a bass drum.

A cajon should be able to be packed into a single carrying bag and carried over one’s shoulder… we give the Schlagwerk ‘Heck Stick’ a thumbs-up!


Heck Stick Videos




The Schlagwerk “Heck Stick”

Close up view:
Click to see a close-up image of the heck stick

Click on the image below to see the Schlagwerk heck stick webpage with demo:

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