A Meinl cajón

Welcome to the homepage of “The Cajon”. Here you will find numerous resources for the cajon family of percussion instruments. We will be posting top cajon videos, links to popular youtube videos featuring the cajon and much more.

You can learn the history of the cajon and how it got started.

What is a cajon (cajón)?

A cajon is often described as an entire percussion kit in a box! It has its origins in Peru and then was discovered by Paco DeLucia who brought two of them to Spain where he shared his discovery with Spanish Flamenco artists who embraced this remarkable percussion instrument.

From its popularity in Spain and its versatility, it quickly spread worldwide and goes very well with all variety of acoustic instruments. Finally, drummers and percussionists have an instrument they too can tote along to picnics, barbecues and unplugged concerts!

The word “cajón” means ‘crate’ or ‘drawer’ in Spanish. Cajon is used to describe the drawers in a cabinet but also a shipping crate, which is where the instrument gets its name. Dock workers would improvise percussion instruments in Peru for a drum set and developed a simple style of playing. This evolved into the modern cajon which now sports two drum sections and snare springs.

cajon drum

A nice cajon drum design – form and function in a box!


All about the cajon!
On this site, you will find numerous resources such as:

…and much, much more!


Cajón or Cajon?

Since the cajón has its origins in Latin America and the Caribbean, where Spanish is the dominant language, the proper spelling in Spanish (cajón) includes an accent over the “o”, which is where emphasis is placed when the word is spoken. Since the instrument has gone international, it is now commonly spelled without the accent (cajon) as many people do not have a Spanish keyboard. This site uses both spellings.

Of course, do not confuse cajones with cojones…



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cajon drum percussion instrument

New Cajon Tee Shirts

We have just created some new tshirts for cajonistas. Here are a few of our favorites, you can see them all on their own dedicated tee shirt page from next week when the catalog at Zazzle is finished.

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Cajon Demonstration Video

Watch this video on YouTube Embedded with WP YouTube Lyte. Here is a great, quick demonstration video of a cajon being played showing a variety of techniques. A cajon can emulate an entire row of tom-toms by the player when he simply slides his foot across the large surface as you see in this video. …

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